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Easily connect and communicate with all of your doctors.

Text, voice or video call. Anytime. From anywhere.

Text, voice or video call your Doctors. Anytime. From anywhere.

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Simple & Secure Telemedicine

  • Text, voice or video call your Doctor

  • No Insurance Required

  • ePrescription Refils

  • Language Translation

Apple App Store Download Button
Apple App Store Download Button
  • Direct Health Pediatrician with Patient mother and Son
  • Baby and Puppy sleeping soundly because all their doctors are a text away.

It’s time to rethink your healthcare with Direct Health

No insurance required

And most of the time, consults are less expensive than the average insurance copay.


No more appointments just to get a refill or simple prescription. Save time and get a Rx in a few minutes.

eReferrals & lab results

Why take time out of your day just to get a referral or lab result? Your doctor can easily send you both directly within the Direct Health app.

Language translation

Conduct your consult in your language. Direct Health auto-translates your conversations with all your doctors into over 25 languages.

Apple App Store Download Button

Direct Health is available for download on Android mobile phones at Google Play, or iPhone at iTunes App Store. Clinicians can also access Direct Health with the Web App. Users can search for and connect with their doctors, veterinarians, and other healthcare providers in just a few simple steps. Doctors can set-up their accounts and begin connecting with patients and even get paid for telehealth visits in just a few minutes.