How to get Connected

WHAT PROVIDERS CAN I ADD? The best thing about Direct Health is that you can connect with ALL your providers on one platform. Family doctor Dentist Veterinarian Specialist Therapist Nutritionist Surgeon Chiropractor Dermatologist and many more! IF YOUR PROVIDER IS ALREADY A DIRECT HEALTH USER... 1) Finding your provider through the search feature Search for your provider by putting in their last name ONLY followed by their city or zip code. Once your provider has been found, select "Add". A notification will be sent to your provider that you want to connect with them on Direct Health. You can [...]

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What is a Direct Health consult?

A Direct Health consult is a virtual visit with your doctor. You're able to text back and forth, use your phone's video camera, or use your phone's calling capabilities to receive care from anywhere that you've got a network connection. If you do not see your doctor in the app, you are able to invite them to use Direct Health. When they accept, you'll be notified and be able to start a consult.

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How do I prepare for a virtual visit with Direct Health?

To make your virtual visit go more smoothly, here are some tips to get ready. Answer these questions about your symptoms When you see your doctor in person or virtually, there are several pieces of information they need to understand your condition. By gathering your thoughts and answering these questions ahead of time, you’ll help your doctor figure out how they can help you more quickly. For new problems, the questions might be slightly different than for medical conditions you’ve been dealing with for a while, so let’s start with those: What is the main reason you need to see [...]

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What can Direct Health do?

Watch this short video explaining what Direct Health can do for you! What if you could see your doctor but skip the appointment? With Direct Health, you can! Text voice or video with your doctor, therapist, pediatrician, vet and more. Integrated prescription dispensing gives your doctors the tools to treat you from start to finish all in a simple mobile app on iPhone and Android.

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How is Direct Health unique?

1. Your Personal Doctors: We protect the relationship between doctors and their patients. It’s YOUR doctors! With Direct Health, you can text, call, or video with your doctors who you already know and trust. 2. Breadth of Care: General Practitioner, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc all on one single app. 3. You don’t have to be “techie” to use Direct Health! All text conversations between doctors and patients are easy and secure. 4. Your doctor can Prescribe and refill medications to your preferred pharmacy in-app.

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What is Direct Health?

Direct Health is a mobile app for your iPhone or Android that allows you to bring all your medical providers together in one place. You can text, call or video chat with any of your providers from anywhere.  

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