Did you know that only about 24% of doctors currently use social media? Sounds a bit low, if you ask me. Social media has been around for over two decades, now, and it’s time for doctors (and other providers) to play catch-up.

Why should physicians use social media?

Just the thought of adding yet another to-do on your seemingly endless list of to-dos likely turns you off. It’s no secret that as a provider, you’re already stretched too thin. Well here’s the good news about getting started on social media: it’s easy, it’s free and — most importantly — it gets you noticed.

5 benefits of social media for doctors


This part is obvious. Just as other industries use social media as an effective marketing tool, people in the healthcare industry can do the same. Having a presence on social media is a great way to show your patients (and future patients) that you are keeping with the times. Not only that, it’s a great way to establish yourself as an authority on subject matter in which present and future patients might be interested.

Patient engagement

Social media is an excellent survey tool. Whether you’re asking your patients, providers or other consumers in health care industry, social media offers a channel through which you can survey people. In addition, patients often look to social channels when searching for health-related information. Posting such information regularly allows you to engage with patients outside of the office.


Many people in the healthcare industry use social media as a networking tool. It’s a great way to meet influencers (virtually) in the field, get wind of events and even hear about non-profit or career opportunities. You can develop your own community of well-established professionals and explore mentorship and collaboration opportunities, regardless of geographic location.


By following educated colleagues and engaging with authorities in your field, you’ll have the most up-to-date information on industry happenings. In fact, one of the best uses for Twitter is to keep up with trending news, upcoming events and crucial conversations in your field. It’s also a great place to find resources for your patients and your business.


Not only can you learn quite a bit of information in a small period of time on social media, but it’s fun! If you follow the right people (a mix of humor, education and news), you’ll be met with just the right amount of entertaining material. Also, there’s no better social channel to check out during major events like the Oscars or the Super Bowl.

Final words

So you’ve decided that social media is, in fact, for you — what now? Start small! People in the healthcare industry who use social media are most active on LinkedIn and Twitter, so begin your social engagement here.

Here are some more quick tips to get you:

  • Post educational information for patients and colleagues
  • Follow people you know and the follow the people they’re following
  • Mention promotions that your office is running or discuss new treatments / products you’re offering
  • Share information about charities or events you’re involved in
  • Engage with others by “liking” and sharing their posts
  • Add a personal touch by adding pictures of your kids, pets, house projects and travels
  • And, as always, please consider following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook! 


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