• A study by the Association of American Medical College (AAAMC), The Complexities of Physicia Supply and Demand: Projections from 2013 to 2015, predicted that the US could be facing up to a 90,000 physician shortage by 2025. And that was before the COVID19 pandemic. As for primary care providers, the US was looking at a [...]

  • South African medical technology leaders, EZMed and Direct Health, partner to provide first of its kind integrated platform for healthcare practitioners operating in the South African virtual health space. […]

  • We provide technology to help healthcare providers incorporate telemedicine into their practice, so obviously, we see telemedicine as something that can benefit both practices and patients. The option of virtual visits expands access to quality care, particularly in rural or underserved areas with provider shortages. Telemedicine can reduce costs and help our limited resources serve [...]

  • Chances are you have already adopted a telemedicine solution. The novel coronavirus forced all of us to quickly learn new ways to communicate, deliver, and receive healthcare. If it wasn’t for telemedicine platforms (and those platforms that traditionally offered message and video services creating avenues for accessing healthcare providers), we would be in far worse [...]

  • The following was originally published on The National Law on 05 May 2020. It is presented here in its original format. […]

  • As COVID-19 increases social distancing across the U.S., health care systems nationwide are scrambling to implement telemedicine care for non-emergency patients. For Clint Phillips, the CEO of telemedicine health care company Direct Health, it’s an approach he and his team has been perfecting for years. […]

  • Maybe you’re being forced to find a telehealth solution during the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is practicing social distancing and many communities are under stay-at-home orders. […]

  • With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to change the way we practice medicine, you still may have some concerns that your patients will resist the switch to virtual visits with Direct Health. […]

  • When Jennifer Crawford became the general counsel at Medici (now Direct Health) in early 2019, she knew there’d be a lot of moving pieces—both inside the company and within the wider healthcare industry. Since then, those pieces have only multiplied. […]

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