Direct Health at Forefront of Telehealth Growth as Coronavirus Spreads

AUSTIN, TX, APRIL 7 — Telemedicine has become a top antidote for the fear of leaving home to see the doctor during the coronavirus pandemic. One virtual healthcare company, Austin-based Direct Health, is leading the charge to make telehealth easier to use, more secure, and more accessible for both doctors and patients. […]

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Patients: How to Prepare for a Virtual Visit with Direct Health

The world may no longer be focused on the Coronavirus, but virtual visits remain a fast and convenient way to access your healthcare. To make your virtual visit go more smoothly, here are some tips to get ready. Answer these questions about your symptoms When you see your doctor in person or virtually, there are several pieces of information they need to understand your condition. By gathering your thoughts and answering these questions ahead of time, you’ll help your doctor figure out how they can help you more quickly. For new problems, the questions might be slightly different than for [...]

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3 Types of Patient Encounters Ideal for Telemedicine

There are many types of visits well-suited for virtual care. And with the coronavirus pandemic forcing you to change the way you work, you may need to rethink how some of your visits could be done virtually. […]

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Teletriage Your Patients With Direct Health

Sometimes having your front office triage your patients over the phone is not enough. Sure, you can implement questionnaires so your front office can screen for patients exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19. But sometimes you might want to get more information from your patients. You can use Direct Health for virtual visits to evaluate patients to determine if they need to come in to see you. Here’s a clinical vignette where a virtual visit prevents patient frustration and allows you to provide quality care more efficiently. […]

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How To Use Direct Health For Virtual Follow Up Visits

So you want to get started with telemedicine, but you‘re wondering how easy it will be to integrate this new service in your practice. An easy way to get started is to use Direct Health virtual visits for patients who need a follow up that doesn’t require a hands-on physical exam. When scheduling the follow up visit, your staff can offer telemedicine as an alternative instead of coming into your office. Many patients will appreciate this choice because it is so convenient. And with the current recommendations for social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, your patients will be reassured with [...]

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Quickly Add Telemedicine To Your Practice In 3 Easy Steps With Direct Health

As the world deals with the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the number of COVID-19 cases increases every day, you still have a practice to run. You have patients who need you to take care of their conditions beyond this pandemic. […]

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Care For Your Patients Virtually Amid Coronavirus Concerns

You’ve got a busy clinical practice, and many of your patients have questions about COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. […]

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