Top Ten Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring FAQs for 2021

The public comment window on the proposed 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule is just days away. Commonly known as the Proposed Rule, the measure includes key updates to the 2020 version. Some provisions still require clarification, so providers are encouraged to reach out to the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) before Sept. 30. […]

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10 Fool-proof Ways to Increase Patient Retention

Having long-term, established patients is a crucial component to any well-run practice. Bringing on new patients is no easy feat. Good business strategists understand that holding on to existing patients is much more cost-effective than trying to bring on new patients every year. […]

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8 Steps to a Highly Successful Telemedicine Program

Implementing a telemedicine program is a great way to increase practice revenue and delight your patients at the same time. Virtual visits are a huge convenience for patients and an opportunity to introduce a new level of flexibility into the practice. The technology exists to make incorporating remote care seamless. We talk to providers every day that have started a telemedicine program in short order. Here’s the roadmap to success that they’ve shared with us. […]

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What Your Patients Want to Know About Virtual Visits

If you’ve decided to introduce telemedicine to your practice, congratulations! You’ll find that it can help boost practice revenue, improve patient outcomes, protect against new types of competition, and even improve your work/life balance. But you won’t achieve any of those benefits if your patients don’t embrace the program. While studies show that even before the current COVID19 pandemic forced all of us to consider telemedicine our only healthcare option, increasingly patients have wanted the option of a virtual visit. But there is still a great deal of education necessary to really take advantage of the approach. […]

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Primary Care Physician Shortages: What Can be Done?

A study by the Association of American Medical College (AAAMC), The Complexities of Physicia Supply and Demand: Projections from 2013 to 2015, predicted that the US could be facing up to a 90,000 physician shortage by 2025. And that was before the COVID19 pandemic. As for primary care providers, the US was looking at a shortage of about 31,100 physicians by 2025 before COVID19 hit. So why are we predicted to be without so many PCPs? […]

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Better Health Care, From A Distance

As COVID-19 increases social distancing across the U.S., health care systems nationwide are scrambling to implement telemedicine care for non-emergency patients. For Clint Phillips, the CEO of telemedicine health care company Direct Health, it’s an approach he and his team has been perfecting for years. […]

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How Using Direct Health for Telemedicine Pays for Itself

Maybe you’re being forced to find a telehealth solution during the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is practicing social distancing and many communities are under stay-at-home orders. […]

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Why Patients Love Virtual Visits with Direct Health

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to change the way we practice medicine, you still may have some concerns that your patients will resist the switch to virtual visits with Direct Health. […]

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