If you are looking to increase your productivity and overall peace of mind, why not start with advice from some of the top influencers in business and technology? Built in Austin had a chance to catch up with leading tech scene founders in Austin, Texas to find out what core habits were at the heart of their success. Direct Health (now called Direct Health) CEO, Clint Phillips was featured in this round up and had a chance to share his secrets to success.

What routines had these leaders integrated into their lives that they felt made them successful? The answers ranged from being a good listener, to meditating, to fully living out the meaning of the two-minute rule. Direct Health founder Clint Phillips actually had two secrets to success that are fundamental for him staying at the top of his game: reading and mental stimulation.

“First, I listen to one book a week about business, economics or Christianity. I also run. I sprint on the track. You can do ten 100-meter sprints in ten minutes and its benefits are vastly better than a three-mile jog.”

What were the Secrets to Success Behind Founding Direct Health?

Clint also had a chance to share the main inspiration behind founding Direct Health. He told Built in Austin that his grades in school were not good enough for him to attend medical school in his native South Africa. However, he had always looked up to doctors and wanted to find a way to make their day to day lives easier, “I admire doctors and think it is a very noble profession, so when I saw doctors becoming increasingly miserable, it galvanized the need to use technology to restore ease to their lives.”

And what is it that Clint sees on the horizon for healthcare and Direct Health? “I dream of seeing healthcare as easy and efficient as taking an Uber or ordering on Amazon. We will not stop until we see doctors delivering excellent and effortless care to patients, from anywhere.”

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