How do I get my practice found on Google (Google My Business)? How can I show my patients on Google that I am available for telemedicine and virtual visits?

Getting found on Google is more important than ever. With many patients seeking telemedicine options over in-person visits, we want to help you get found and tell both existing and potential new patients in your area that you are available for virtual visits.

1)  Get started with Google My Business for healthcare providers: In this article, you will find the information needed to set up your practice on Google My Business so you can control what information Google gives about your business. If you previously started on your Google My Business account and don’t remember how to access it,  learn how to request ownership of your practice’s profile.

2) Add virtual care and appointment linksIn the article from Google, it states, “practices can add an “Online care” attribute. This attribute lets patients easily find your Business Profile on Google when they search for care options. You can add links for virtual care and appointments to direct patients to those pages on your website. Google uses many different sources to collect information about what a business offers. If you find the links or attributes for your practice are incorrect,  learn how to edit them. Tip: If you have a single page for both virtual care and to book appointments, fill in both links. To remove links from your profile, clear the link field.”
Once you have started filling out your Google My Business profile, make sure you include your Direct Health link that links directly to you. This will let patients that are searching for you know that you are available for virtual visits. You can add this under the “Info” tab (see image below).


3) Create your telemedicine link to share
: To create this link, first find your activation code. Your activation code can be found in your app by going to Settings, then to  Invite Patients.
In the link below, replace ” YOUR_ACTIVATION_CODE_HERE” with your specific activation code.

For example, if your activation code is EXCELLENTdoc123, your link would be:

If you need any additional assistance with your Google My Business account, visit the support page.