Global Telehealth Platform Adds Respected Doctor-Messaging Technology

Direct Health (now called Direct Health) today announced its acquisition of secure healthcare messaging company DocbookMD. The acquisition will offer doctors and other healthcare providers access to a broad range of mobile communication and telehealth tools that will fundamentally change how doctors practice medicine. In the arrangement, Direct Health will assume DocbookMD’s technical assets, people and customer contracts including those with state medical associations.

Austin-based DocbookMD was founded in 2008 as a collaboration tool for doctors. It is a secure text messaging application that allows medical professionals to communicate with one another. DocbookMD is endorsed by more than 42 state medical associations and 400 county medical associations.

Direct Health, also headquartered in Austin, provides a global HIPAA-compliant mobile app with secure text, voice and video messaging and allows doctors to provide virtual healthcare to patients. In addition to offering colleague-communication capabilities, the platform offers more than a dozen innovative features including in-app billing, e-prescribe prescriptions and e-refer referrals. Direct Health empowers doctors, veterinarians, psychologists and other healthcare providers to practice medicine anytime from anywhere.

Direct Health plans to provide continued technology support for DocbookMD. Existing users and partners should expect uninterrupted usage of data, functionality and connectivity. Direct Health CEO & Founder, Clinton Phillips stated, “We are delighted to be acquiring one of the most trusted resources for doctors. Direct Health and DocbookMD are so well-aligned with each other, and with the interests of medical associations in helping doctors live and practice at the highest level.”

Original DocbookMD co-founder, Tracey Haas, DO, MPH, is supportive of the move, stating: “We are thrilled to see DocbookMD find a home at Direct Health, with its physician-centric technology that continues to push mobile health beyond secure messaging. We are excited to see how Direct Health and DocbookMD can help healthcare professionals better meet patient needs in this new era of medicine.”

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