Austin, Texas– February 17,, 2020 — Direct Health, a virtual healthcare company based in the U.S., today announced it has partnered with Namibian Health Plan (NHP), one of largest and most respected medical insurance companies in Namibia, to offer virtual care consultations to a nation of over two million people.

Direct Health (now called Direct Health) first established its footprint on the African continent in 2017 when it began providing a convenient and low-cost source of virtual care to South Africa’s 58 million residents. With its expansion in Namibia, Direct Health furthers its mission to disrupt global health care and recreate the doctor-patient relationship.

The app offers doctors more than a dozen innovative features including secure text messaging, video and audio consultations, ePrescriptions, consult export to the doctor’s electronic health record system, group messages, eReferrals, and much more.

Namibia has a remarkable diversity of spoken languages, creating a pastiche of geographical regions. In 2019 Direct Health added over twenty-five additional languages to its app’s chat translation functionality, bringing the total count of available languages for patients and providers to over thirty. When a patient in Namibia texts their doctor on the app in their local language the app automatically translates the conversation in their doctor’s preferred language. Among the languages available in the app are Afrikaans and German, two of Namibia’s nationally recognized languages.

“If we are able to deliver most of the world’s healthcare on a simple and secure mobile platform, and are able to digitize most of the world’s medical interactions and remove any barriers to communication, we can layer unlimited improvements on top of it,” said Clint Phillips, founder and CEO of Direct Health.

Known primarily for its scenery and wildlife, Namibia is a sprawling and sparsely populated rural nation where many residents live and work great distances from their healthcare providers. Direct Health provides an obvious and effective solution to medical professionals looking to deliver accessible quality care to their patients.