Chris Montoya, PA and Founder of TPC Family Medicine and Urgent Care, loves his patients and is always looking for ways to give them more. Using the Direct Health (now called Direct Health) app, Montoya can build relationships with patients and give them unparalleled peace of mind. As he told us in a recent interview, the comfort and ease patients get from being able to see him remotely is ‘worth millions of dollars.’

Chris Montoya and Direct Health Featured on CBS San Antonio

PA Montoya was recently spotlighted by CBS San Antonio (KENS5) for how he is extending care to the local community and continuing to save lives off the battlefield with Direct Health. The interview aired July 2 as part of the station’s Mission SA segment. In the feature, Montoya details how Direct Health helps him create an anytime, anywhere model of medicine, while expanding upon the efficiency he’s brought over from the military.

Montoya’s business model is centered around the idea of extending access to medical services in the SW Texas community. As an urgent care, this means providing services after hours and on the weekend. It also means bringing treatment directly to patients in their home with telemedicine. Using Direct Health, PA Montoya is able see dozens of patients virtually in addition to his in-person consults.

This service is invaluable to patients since consultations don’t require travel and taking time off work. Patients also feel like they are getting extra TLC because they can talk through medical concerns immediately from home, work or wherever they need care.

Using Technology to Do More

“With all this new technology, I have to get onboard to do more,” Montoya told Direct Health in a separate interview. “A lot of our industry right now are still in a vacuum.”

Direct Health helps him prioritize patients’ concerns, so he makes the most out of precious in-office time. When a patient has a low-acuity problem or needs a prescription refilled, PA Montoya can handle it completely remotely. Likewise, if a patient has a more pressing health issue he can see that person in his clinic.

Since adopting Direct Health, Montoya told us, “my productivity has actually increased, while also reducing my labor. I’m able to be more functional in the office.”

As someone who operates a practice nearly round-the-clock, improving efficiency is paramount in running a successful business and ensuring patient satisfaction. It makes sense that PA Montoya feels that the care and service he is able to offer with Direct Health is worth millions.

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