Griffin Mulcahey, VP of Strategy & General Counsel at Direct Health

Congress may soon pass the American Health Care Act (commonly referred to as Trumpcare) as a replacement to Obamacare, throwing the US healthcare system into another era of uncertainty.

As every healthcare consumer has experienced the last decade, every change to insurance brings unexpected changes to the doctors in your network, the pharmacy that you can use, and ultimately increases your out of pocket costs.

The reality is clear – The future of US healthcare, regardless of political leadership, will shift more and more cost to the consumer. This unpredictable landscape also puts physicians and healthcare providers in a tough position of uncertain reimbursement and losing once-insured patient relationships.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates at least 14 million people will immediately lose insurance coverage under Trumpcare. And by 2026 an estimated 52 million will be uninsured.

As healthcare in the U.S. continues to become more complicated physicians need tools to be professionally independent from political influences like Trumpcare and to offer help to those negatively impacted by this bill.

Direct Health offers a solution for patients and providers. Direct Health allows patients to communicate with all of their existing medical providers via one single app. In turn, healthcare providers can use Direct Health as a new way to innovate and offer services that are not only more convenient, but affordable and easily accessible to a wide variety of people.

Through Direct Health, providers can continue to treat patients that may be forced to high deductible plans or lose insurance coverage entirely.

As an example, a patient that may lose reimbursement for reproductive health care can continue to see her existing OBGYN through Direct Health for a reasonable out of pocket cost, set by the provider, less than a traditional office visit.

Direct Health gives doctors the chance to continue to make a difference in patient’s lives while generating independent revenue for their practice. Real value based care, the ultimate goal for every provider.

Direct Health offers a tool for patients and providers to overcome the political systems attempt to limit or dictate US healthcare delivery.

Griffin Mulcahey, General Counsel and VP of Strategy for Direct Health. Disclaimer – Direct Health’s opinions on the use of its platform are not legal opinions. We recommend anyone seek local counsel for any specific questions regarding the health regulatory landscape of your home jurisdiction

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