I have a “Patient Payment Method Issue” error

If you bill patients on Direct Health, patients may have a temporary hold equal to your consultation rate placed on their card. The hold will be released when 1) your consultation has ended or 2) when 48 hours have passed, whichever happens first. Your patient will be charged only for the agreed upon consultation rate.

When you see this error, it means that your consult rate is more than $0, and that there is an issue with your patient’s payment method. Your patient will also receive a notification that there is an issue with their payment method.

Why? We want to make sure that you are paid for your services. When there is an error collecting payment from your patient, it can affect what you are paid. You can always choose to continue consulting with a patient, even with the error. It is up to you.

If there is an issue with your patient’s payment method, you will see the following error as long as you are on the web or Direct Health app version 1.47 or higher for iOS or version 1.46 or higher for Android:

You are able to continue your consultation if you choose, but if the error remains unfixed, you will not be able to bill your patient/client at the end of your consultation.

This error can be due to incorrect credit/debit card information, an expired card, insufficient funds, or because your patient’s bank blocked the transaction. Your patient will need to ensure their card number was entered correctly, is not expired, and they have sufficient funds. If they checked all of that and still see the error, they will need to contact their bank and/or use a different payment method. Additionally, they can try adding a new card, changing a default card, or re-add their existing card on file which may resolve this issue.

You can also direct them to this help article for patients to resolve their payment issue.

Once your patient/client has resolved the payment issue, you will see this message: