Direct Health (now called Direct Health) was featured this week in Vet News, the South African Veterinary Association’s monthly publication that allows them to communicate to members. The association introduced the Direct Health app to thousands of veterinarians around the country. The mobile app, which provides helpful communications for health professionals is also helpful for vets.

SAVA is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to introduce to their members to assist in adding increased value for their clients. South African Veterinarians are often constricted by their current business model which includes fee collection challenges and time constraint. Veterinarians confirm that they are spending a lot of time offering advice via channels such as Whatsapp, email and text that they do not bill for.

In comes the Direct Health app, allowing Veterinarians to provide better care for their clients’ pets and bill for their time. Not only will Direct Health provide a better source of communication and an alternative source of income for Veterinarians, professional indemnity is provided and the app is secure and compliant.

Picture this:

A veterinarian is away from the office with family and gets a text from one of their clients.  The client is a livestock owner who is concerned about their cattle having a  tick-borne disease. The veterinarian is able to communicate with their client and recommend remedies. The veterinarian does not have to leave their family to go see the cattle and the client does not have to worry about transporting the cattle or travel to the office to see the vet.

We’re so happy to partner with SAVA to assist their veterinarians in enhancing their practice and communication with their clients.

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