How does telehealth benefit healthcare providers?

Pressure on doctors to cut costs, comply with regulations, and maintain daily operations while caring for patients is increasing. To survive in this complicated environment and maintain a work-life balance, operational efficiency and time management is essential. […]

Giving Patients the Care They Deserve

How do we guarantee that patients get the care they deserve amid misdiagnoses, administrative burdens and with large groups of under-served populations? Direct Health (now called Direct Health) CEO, Clint Phillips tackled this and other pressing industry concerns on the most recent episode of the Relentless Health Value podcast. […]

Medicine as Easy as Ordering an Uber?

Can speaking with a doctor really be as easy as ordering a ride home? That’s the big question Direct Health has set its sights on solving in the medical space. As thought leaders flocked to Austin last week when the American Telemedicine Association was in town, CBS Austin sat down with Direct Health (now Direct Health) to discuss its unique business model of bringing healthcare to the Uber generation. […]

Hot & Too Good to Be True

August has been a hot month in the Direct Health (now called Direct Health) hometown of Austin, Texas with temperatures breaking the 100 degree mark almost every day. It’s also been a very hot month for Direct Health. Crunchbase named it a hot Austin startup and Direct Health hit the Interesting Engineering list of ‘Too Good to be True’ apps. […]

Are Doctors’ Offices Going Away?

Leading health and technology pioneers met recently in Austin, TX for FCGrill, hosted by Fast Company, to discuss the implications of a flood of medical technologies that are redefining what healthcare means. A recent Fast Company article gives insight into the timely conversation that included Direct Health (now called Direct Health) VP of Product, Jason Whitson, and other leading experts from Merck, UPMC and GE Ventures. […]

No Headaches for Busy Patients

Radio 702 sat down with Direct Health (now called Direct Health) recently to discuss how the innovative mobile app is creating waves in the healthcare community and providing busy patients with easy access to their entire network of doctors. The South African radio station featured Direct Health as part of their Business Accelerator series, which is centered around enterprising young companies that are disrupting their established industries and setting new trends. […]

Doctors Give So Much, Say Thanks!

Maybe it was a sick child or an aging parent needing specialized treatment, or maybe you were the one in need of medical help. In any of these moments, there was most likely a special doctor who went above and beyond and brought you comfort in a stressful time. March 30th is National Doctors’ Day, a day to reflect on the everyday heroes who sacrifice so much and inspire us with their strength and compassion. […]

Doctors Too Exhausted to See Patients

Overwhelmingly doctors are being flooded with administrative tasks that pull them away from the patients they serve, destroying the basic reason they got into medicine in the first place: to help people. It comes in many forms: filling out insurance documentation, requests for reimbursement or simply a form allowing a patient to get back to work. However, the fact remains that doctors are exhausted and spending more time with administrative tasks than they do helping patients. […]

Increasing Healthcare Independence One Consult at a Time

It’s an understatement to say that the market has seen an influx of new healthcare technologies in recent years. Wearables like the Fitbit and Apple Watch are now common staples. Sensors like the Nima peanut sensor and Senso Air allergen tracker strive to improve the quality of lives of allergy sufferers. And just this week, tech giant Samsung announced that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will come loaded with an app that tracks user’s blood pressure via optical scanning. […]

Innovative Technology Can Ease the Health Tragedies in Africa

Africa faces an overarching lack of medical resources, including devices, facilities, and doctors. This lack of healthcare resources is contributing to many health challenges that African people face daily. The Economist writes about how technology comes to the rescue when resources are scarce.  The primary health challenges the continent is facing include people who are suffering from: […]