How does telehealth benefit healthcare providers?

Pressure on doctors to cut costs, comply with regulations, and maintain daily operations while caring for patients is increasing. To survive in this complicated environment and maintain a work-life balance, operational efficiency and time management is essential. […]

Direct Health (Direct Health) Featured for Innovation at ATA18

Healthcare and technology leaders flocked to Chicago earlier this month for ATA18, the world’s largest telehealth innovation conference. Out of the hundreds of companies that exhibited, Direct Health (now called Direct Health) made Direct Recruiter’s roundup of top innovative companies that were shaking up the field of telehealth at ATA18. […]

Doctors Too Exhausted to See Patients

Overwhelmingly doctors are being flooded with administrative tasks that pull them away from the patients they serve, destroying the basic reason they got into medicine in the first place: to help people. It comes in many forms: filling out insurance documentation, requests for reimbursement or simply a form allowing a patient to get back to work. However, the fact remains that doctors are exhausted and spending more time with administrative tasks than they do helping patients. […]

CES Las Vegas 2018: Health Technology Solves Problems Around Patient Data

Direct Health’s CEO Clint Phillips was invited to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. The CES 2018 Physicians Tour Showcases Convergence of Personal Health Diagnostics and Telehealth Communications. Healthcare professionals from a wide spectrum of  leading hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and UCLA Health got a sneak peak of the new and upcoming personal health devices and reporting platforms. The main focus and question on everyone’s mind was what to do with all the patient data and how it can be used to improved patient outcomes. […]

Curbside Consults in the Palm of Your Hand

Direct Health (now called Direct Health)- New Colleague Chat Feature The ways in which doctors communicate with each other regarding a patient is fragmented. In some instances patient health information is shared unsecurely. Doctors and other providers are using different communication solutions and face challenges when attempting to to access trusted sources to provide second opinions. Today, we announce Direct Health Colleague Chat which allows doctors to easily communicate with peers through the HIPAA compliant mobile app. […]

Correlation Between Healthcare Cost in America and Life Expectancy Part 1

Did you know that the average American spends almost three times the amount of money on healthcare than they do on food? According to Forbes Marketplace, in 2016, the average employer-sponsored family insurance premium was $18,142 annually while the average household only spent $7,000 on food. Healthcare for the average household in America is high and set to go even higher in 2018. Health Populi and The Market Watch  write about how the increase in healthcare cost is resulting in less money being spent on other household expenses such as food, clothes, and retail goods.   […]

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Innovative Technology Can Ease the Health Tragedies in Africa

Africa faces an overarching lack of medical resources, including devices, facilities, and doctors. This lack of healthcare resources is contributing to many health challenges that African people face daily. The Economist writes about how technology comes to the rescue when resources are scarce.  The primary health challenges the continent is facing include people who are suffering from: […]