Healthcare and technology leaders flocked to Chicago earlier this month for ATA18, the world’s largest telehealth innovation conference. Out of the hundreds of companies that exhibited, Direct Health (now called Direct Health) made Direct Recruiter’s roundup of top innovative companies that were shaking up the field of telehealth at ATA18.

Direct Health Leads Telehealth Communication at ATA18

The Direct Health app is a revolutionary text and communication platform, built for doctors by doctors.  At ATA18 it was highlighted for its unique attention to detail surrounding the user experience. The HIPAA compliant app sidesteps information privacy concerns of generic apps like WhatsApp, allowing doctors to unchain themselves from their practices. At the same time, it allows patients to see their trusted network of doctors whenever and wherever. This means patients miss fewer days of work and save time and money on expensive, often unnecessary trips, to urgent care and emergency facilities.

Doctors are reimbursed for their services completely in the app, circumventing awkward payment and collection conversations with patients. For patients with high-deductible health plans, self-pay visits and payment are also made more convenient.

The Direct Health mobile app has also expanded rapidly into other verticals including televeterinary health and telepsychiatry. Users like Dr. Aaron Smiley, of the Devonshire Veterinary Clinic, and Dr. Thomas Kim, CMO of Med2You, have completely rethought the traditional model of care for their industries and now see a significant portion of their client base remotely.

Diagnostics and Monitoring Outside the Doctor’s Office

Other notable advancements in the field of telemedicine profiled emphasized alternative diagnostic methods and care monitoring outside of traditional settings. Analyte Health is a lab test provider that allows patients to be screened for a variety of conditions at home. GlucoMe and Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems focus on extending care and early prevention for the 29 million Americans with diabetes. And Pillsy is an innovative software system that uses Bluetooth-driven smart caps to monitor if and when patients are taking their prescription medications.

For the complete listing of notable technologies highlighted at ATA18, please check out the full article here.

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