Doctors Give So Much, Say Thanks!

Maybe it was a sick child or an aging parent needing specialized treatment, or maybe you were the one in need of medical help. In any of these moments, there was most likely a special doctor who went above and beyond and brought you comfort in a stressful time. March 30th is National Doctors’ Day, a day to reflect on the everyday heroes who sacrifice so much and inspire us with their strength and compassion. […]

Doctors Too Exhausted to See Patients

Overwhelmingly doctors are being flooded with administrative tasks that pull them away from the patients they serve, destroying the basic reason they got into medicine in the first place: to help people. It comes in many forms: filling out insurance documentation, requests for reimbursement or simply a form allowing a patient to get back to work. However, the fact remains that doctors are exhausted and spending more time with administrative tasks than they do helping patients. […]