Direct Health (now called Direct Health)- New Colleague Chat Feature

The ways in which doctors communicate with each other regarding a patient is fragmented. In some instances patient health information is shared unsecurely. Doctors and other providers are using different communication solutions and face challenges when attempting to to access trusted sources to provide second opinions. Today, we announce Direct Health Colleague Chat which allows doctors to easily communicate with peers through the HIPAA compliant mobile app.

Starting today, doctors can invite their fellow colleagues to communicate with them securely on Direct Health to discuss shared patients, verify treatment options, provide or solicit second opinions, generate referrals, all to improve patient health outcomes and patient satisfaction. These consultations can occur anytime and from anywhere, when convenient for the doctor. Doctors no longer have to use disparate communication solutions and encounter challenges when attempting to access trusted sources to verify treatment options.

Direct Health Colleague Chat is vital to provide the right care and peer collaboration to help reduce medical errors. In some cases, a primary care physician may need to contact a specialist to ensure that they’re providing the correct treatment plan. Collaboration with a fellow doctor can drastically increase patient’s health outcomes.

Have the app? To use the feature simply:

  1. Go into your contacts
  2. Click on colleagues at the top center
  3. Click add at the top right