Direct Health’s CEO Clint Phillips was invited to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas this year. The CES 2018 Physicians Tour Showcases Convergence of Personal Health Diagnostics and Telehealth Communications. Healthcare professionals from a wide spectrum of  leading hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and UCLA Health got a sneak peak of the new and upcoming personal health devices and reporting platforms. The main focus and question on everyone’s mind was what to do with all the patient data and how it can be used to improved patient outcomes.

During the show Clint was interviewed by Mike Smith of GreenSmith Public Affairs.  Clint spoke  on how arising health technologies like Direct Health are allowing doctors to provide better care for their patients. With patient focused care, patients are the center of attention and are engaged in their own healthcare. Being able to access patient data in a secure environment will allow physicians to make better decisions.

What’s even better? Think about  being able to make those better decisions even faster with more advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence. The Consumer Technology Association foresees that AI will play a key role in healthcare within the next five to seven years. As AI receives data it learns and overtime will be able to make real time adjustments in patient data, care, and prescriptions.  

Direct Health is at the forefront of this shift to patient centered healthcare by providing a secure platform for patients and doctors to communicate. We’re so glad we were able to attend CES 2018 and to be featured in Becker’s Hospital Review.

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