2) Importing Patients


To start the patient import / invite process, go to Settings > Import Patients in your app. If you use the following EHR’s: Allscripts, Athena, DrChrono, Kareo, CareCloud, you are able to log in and begin the import process automatically. Please note: Patients who have scheduled an appointment within the last 10 years will be imported and receive a text message to download the app. Your patients will show under the “Contacts” section of the app.

If you do not use one of the softwares listed above (or would like more control customizing your list and text wording), please still follow the following steps (Settings > Import Patients). The import is handled manually by our team. You will receive an email from us that includes a link for you to drop your patient list in to (it needs to be in CSV format). Please note: At the same time we import your patients into your app, text messages will be sent to your patients alerting them that they can reach you on the Direct Health app with a link for them to download the app. Your patients will show under the “Contacts” section of the app.

You can also start inviting patients to connect with you now, by going to Contacts > Patients > Invite Manually in your app.


Please let your Client Success Manager know the accounts that you would like to be connected to your patients/clients. Below are a couple different options. Your Client Success Manager will need to create your clinic a group activation code in order to connect your patients/clients with multiple accounts.

Triage Account Only – some practices chose to keep the barrier between the patient/client and the provider. With this option, all communication goes to a central triage account then the consulting doctor can be “added” into the chat to consult and bill the patient/client. The triage account will then “remove” the doctor from the chat.

Doctor account(s) + Triage Account – some practices want their patients/clients to see both options in their app, both the doctor(s) and the triage account. Patients/clients will message the staff for staff related issues and the doctor for virtual consultations.

Doctor Accounts Only – larger practices with multiple premium doctor accounts will sometimes chose to connect their patient base with all the doctors at the practice. With this option, the patient can see all the doctors at the clinic and send a message to their doctor.