3) Patient Awareness

The most important predictor of the success of any telemedicine program is patient awareness. The “if you build it, they will come” approach is rarely successful. Fortunately, the key to building awareness is pretty simple, consistently talk to your patients about Direct Health and its benefits.

Best Practices for Building Patient Awareness

Successful practices take the following opportunities to mention Direct Health:

1. During the exam, providers should take the opportunity to talk with patients about Direct Health while they are in the exam room. For example, if a follow-up encounter is needed, that’s the perfect time to introduce the option of following up via Direct Health. The provider is usually the most trusted member of the practice, so they are in a unique position to make the patient feel comfortable with the approach.
2. Office staff who check patients out and schedule the next visit should be familiar with the clinical applications of telemedicine and discuss the downloading of the app when appropriate.
3. When patients call to schedule an appointment, staff members should make sure the patient knows that Direct Health is a convenient option to communicate with their provider and offer to send them an invite to join.

Direct Health Will Help

Direct Health helps our clients ensure patient awareness in a number of important ways. Customers enjoy:

1. Direct Health virtual kit. This virtual kit includes numerous assets that you’ll be able to use to talk about Direct Health on Social Media. You’ll be able to provide your invitation code so that patients can type that in upon registration to be connected to you instantly.
Learn more: Direct Health virtual kit
2. Patient list upload. You have the option to upload a patient list to us at any time. When you request this, you’ll be sent a secure, personalized link along with detailed instructions on how to perform a demographics export from your EMR. After we apply this to your practice, your patients will receive a customized link to download the app and connect with you.
Learn more: Uploading your patient list
3. Posters and brochures. If you would like to purchase additional materials for your practice, please contact your Client Success representative.